ResiDNS - Residence DNS Server

ResiDNS is extremely small (all-in-one executable
file is only 62KB)
simple (all configuration may be in
one local file) and
fast (consumes minimal system
RFC1035 compliant multithreaded Win32
DNS server.
What does ResiDNS do
  Hosts an unlimited number of domains
  Handles all common resource record types:
       A - a host address
   CNAME - the canonical name for an alias
   MX - mail exchange
   NS - an authoritative name server
   PTR - a domain name pointer
   SOA - marks the start of a zone of authority
  Answers for all common queries:
       A, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR and SOA (see above)
   ALL - a request for all records
   AXFR - a request for a transfer of an entire zone
  Produces "Round Robin" load distribution option
  Provides an auto-aliasing (CNAME) of subdomains
  Forwards requests (acts as proxy)
  Enables Dynamic DNS service
  Has full ini-file driven access
  Can use external settings files (for hosting clients etc.)
  Accepts changes immediately (even from outside programs)
  Lives in System Tray
  Includes full featured commented demo
What ResiDNS doesn't do
  Recursive answers (but resolves an internal alias chain)
  Cache (but can use an external cache servers)
  Log (but this feature is in the top of "todo" list)
Here the ver.1.6 (26/08/2001) 28-day trial download.
Registration is available here...

ResiDNS is written by Aryeh Eiderman ? Netstrap Ltd @ 5761.

Our gratitude (in order of appearance) to